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Lady Parts: an Independent Web Comedy

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A Very Lady Parts Christmas

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Women marching and protesting in St. Paul, MN

The Women's March

Friends squabble about the right way to approach feminism during the tumultuous car ride to The Women's March.

Woman frustrated at an easel

Artist's Block

A looming deadline puts the pressure on Andi to find a cure for her artist's block, however unconventional it may be.

Woman reading a book called Nice Girls Don't Get the Corner Office

The Big Raise

Wendy's salary revelation and mounting medical bills motivate Anne to push her boss to give her the big raise she deserves.

Woman getting harrassed on the street


Wendy gets cat-called by a man on the street. Unaccustomed to this kind of attention, she decides to go out with him.

Four friends making crafts

Lifestyle Blogging

Birch takes up a new hobby that turns into an unhealthy fascination. The gang helps by staging an intervention.

Four adult women at a slumber party looking unhappy

Bachelorette Slumber Party

Four acquaintances arrive at a bachelorette party, and are stuck with one another when the bride never shows.